Shantikumar Chougule

Founder & CEO

Meet Our CEO

Mr. Shantikumar (Kumar) Chougule serves as the Founder and CEO of Blocsys Technologies, bringing an extensive 16-year tenure in the field. His expertise lies in the realm of blockchain solutions, encompassing a wealth of experience in Blockchain Analysis, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, Geth, Web3, Ganache, Node.js, Express.js, Spring Boot, REST, and MongoDB. Additionally, he possesses notable proficiency in Project Management and Technical Advisory, notably demonstrating seven years of specialized experience in blockchain technology.

Blockchain professional specializing in the implementation of innovative concepts and resolution of challenges within the Web3 framework. Mr.Kumar possess a proven track record of designing numerous decentralized applications (dApps) and effectively executing projects related to decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT), and security token offerings (STO). As an adept leader,have demonstrated expertise in the Information Technology, Services industry and substantial experience in the domains of banking and finance.

Meet Our Team

Pranay Pazare profile
Pranay Pazare
Lead Blockchain Developer
Rohit Naiknaware profile
Rohit Naiknaware
Lead Blockchain Developer
Yukta Wagh profile
Yukta Wagh
Business Development Executive
Shubham Yemul profile
Shubham Yemul
Senior UI/UX designer
Shubham Magdum profile
Shubham Magdum
Full-Stack Developer
Aishwarya Wale profile
Aishwarya Wale
Full-Stack Developer
Kaushal Rathod profile
Kaushal Rathod
Full-Stack Developer
Bhushan Dhiware profile
Bhushan Dhiware
Blockchain Developer
Nishant Patil profile
Nishant Patil
Web3 Developer

Our mission

We believe in the immersive, disruptive, and transformative power of blockchain technology and want to bring this power to the industries worldwide. We look to a future where blockchain improves business operations and helps people in their daily activities.

Our USP′s

Customer-Centric Approach

We start with what you need, then identify the right tools. You’re welcome at meetings, you’ll get regular reports, and your feedback is vitally important. We build apps for your business.

Constant Support

Our work doesn’t just end with fantastic execution and delivery; we assist unconditionally post launch too, because we understand the dynamic nature of the business processes moving forward.

stageOfArt State of the art technologies

Having been in the industry for a substantial period now, our team members have credible experience of tackling most of the popular domains like Supply Chain, Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, BFSI, etc.

Reserching Researching Never Stops

We relentlessly invest our time in researching the newest Blockchain Tech. Being true technology geeks, we can’t help but spend days on the internet reading about new innovations and technologies, just so we can serve you better by staying updated with what’s hot in the international market. us.

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