Blocsys TelegramBots designed to assist crypto founders in building communities and engaging users

The bot will guide participants through quickly onboard new users, verify user names, Users can complete tasks, play to earn etc. This bot facilitates web3 project founders for token distribution upon completion of all activities. This simplifies the process of joining the airdrop and allows a wider range of users to participate in the airdrop directly through bot. This bot comes with an Admin panel dashboard to manage user tasks, enable and disable features, take actions on user activities, take data backup etc.

Key Features

Below are some notable features offered by the Telegram bot

Tap to earn points:-

Engage users by playing games where they tap to collect points, allowing anyone with a smartphone to participate. Based on their points earned, users will receive the airdrop tokens directly into their wallets, ready to be used in the Web3 project.

Accomplish Daily Tasks:-

It offers daily rewards to keep players engaged. Log in each day and complete certain tasks to earn additional coins. These bonuses encourage regular participation and help increase your overall coin rewards.

Market Simulation:-

TelegramBots immerses you in the real dynamics of the cryptocurrency market and puts you in control of managing your digital assets in the virtual space. This unique feature is designed to teach players basic market principles while having fun.

Character customization:-

Customize your character to your liking with a variety of costumes, accessories, and upgrades. This feature enhances the gaming experience, allowing you to showcase your unique style and strategic prowess throughout the game.

How to Play [Bot Name] Tapping Game on Telegram

To Start

Access to bot: Open Telegram and search for the [Bot Name] bot, select the official bot from the results.

Begin the bot: Tap on the bot and select “Get Started” to begin engaging with it, then follow the on-screen prompts to link your account and get started.

Free to start: No initial cryptocurrency purchase or wallet link is required, it’s completely free to play and super fun!

Instructions for Withdrawing Coins

Efficiently manage your Airdrop tokens, from earning in-game coins to converting and withdrawing them for real-world use, with these simple steps:-

Gather Coins: Collect enough coins by joining the game and completing tasks by tapping.

Trade Coins into Airdrop Tokens: Once you have collected enough coins, the next step is to convert them into airdrop tokens.

Bind Your Wallet: Make sure you have a crypto wallet connected to your [bot name] account. You can use wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet etc.

Claim Tokens: Follow the instructions in the Telegram bot to move your Airdrop tokens to your wallet.

Exchange or Hold Tokens: Once you receive your Airdrop tokens in your wallet, you can choose to hold onto them or trade them on a compatible exchange.

About Blocsys:

Blocsys is a leading blockchain development and consulting firm established in 2021, specializing in Socialfi, TelegramBot, RWA, DefiNFT, and Smart Contracts. Blocsys offers a comprehensive range of services from initial business analysis to final product delivery, all while adhering to the highest testing standards. Our team comprises highly skilled blockchain developers and innovators who are prepared to tackle any challenge to drive your project forward.

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